Mid-April Updates

I’ve only gone a couple weeks without updating this time, but there’s been a few juicy releases since then!

First and foremost, I have the following piece for the online Sightlines journal, which is probably the most personal (non-fiction) thing I’ve ever written. Dare I say it, I’m actually proud of this piece of writing and happy with how it turned out (which is a rare occurrence for me).

If you’re just going to read one thing I’ve written, this one is it!

Memories like a Bomb, like a Bullet: Why the Nostalgia Industry Is Here to Stay

Next up, I’ve had a few new Time Out Austin blog posts go up, including one that takes a pretty serious look at a new production of a play about the Holocaust and immigration, and its all-too-topical contemporary relevance.

A new Trinity Street Players production links echoes of the past to present issues

Four new theater productions to check out this spring

Rude Mechs embarks on its final performances of the season. Or does it?

And, finally, I’ve had a few new reviews for the Austin America-Statesman/Austin360 (one of which, for Kindertransport, even has a negative comment; a true badge of honor!):

‘I and You’ puts a thoughtful and poetic spin on life as a teen

Free play an emotional and timely look at the immigrant experience

‘Grounded,’ a one-woman show about a military pilot, soars

Texas State’s ‘Ragtime’ shows why musical is so timely today

I should have a few larger pieces going up in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

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