‘Matilda the Musical’ at Zach is a confused, energetic fairy tale

I’ll have three more reviews this weekend that should hopefully go up early next week, but for now here’s just one new review, Matilda the Musical at ZACH Theatre.

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One touring show, one local show

I’m actually keeping up with posting all of my publications for once, so here’s two more recent shows I reviewed, one a national tour and one a very local, home-grown affair.

‘Last: An Extinction Comedy’ at the Vortex is a fun romp with a message

The national tour of ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ is more timely than ever

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Salvage Vanguard’s Greek tragedy adaptation is bizarre, baffling and beautiful

As I try to keep up with posting my reviews as they’re actually published, here’s just one new review, of Salvage Vanguard’s strange and exciting new version of the Antigone story, titled Antigonick.

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Two New Reviews

Hey, that rhymes! Sort of.

In any case, it’s been a busy few weeks, so here’s two reviews with a few more to come soon.

Cast shines in Penfold Theatre’s compressed ‘Crime and Punishment’

Charming ‘The Book Club Play’ cracks open its characters

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Three 100% SXSW-free reviews

Even as Austin descends into the annual madness of the South by Southwest festival, theater goes on in our fair city! Here’s three reviews to prove just that:

What we can learn from ‘Junk,’ a tale of corporate takeovers set in the 1980s

Hyde Park Theater explores what happens when Nora comes home in ‘A Doll’s House, Part 2’

‘Notes From the Field’ is powerful, necessary and ultimately hopeful

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Austin Shakespeare’s “Indian Ink” a sensual production of a classic

I have a flurry of new reviews coming soon, but here’s just one for now, Austin Shakespeare’s production of Tom Stoppard’s Indian Ink.

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A Trio of Reviews

Another weekend gone by, another three shows seen! Here’s reviews for several productions actually still playing in Austin.

The Hidden Room’s ‘The Rover’ is a sexy old thriller (this one has my highest recommendation; I didn’t write that headline, I swear!)

‘Xanadu’ will roll into your heart and leave a beat behind

‘For Peter Pan on Her 70th Birthday’ flies on nostalgia, family dynamics

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Two Very Different Reviews

Here’s two reviews from this past week, and a study in contrasts. One is for a small-scale children’s show that turns out to be interesting and engaging for adults, while the other is for an ostensibly family-friendly blockbuster musical that was lackluster, at best.

New ‘Rap Unzel’ is a show with music, dance and depth for kids and adults

Slow ‘Anastasia’ is neither fairy tale nor accurate history

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‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch’ at Zach: energy for miles and a political swerve

Here’s a potentially divisive review of the new production of Hedwing and The Angry Inch at ZACH Theatre, which nonetheless features some pretty staggering performances.

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‘Waitress’ serves up a slice of charm with a side of troubling gender politics

My latest review is up–the national tour of Waitress at Bass Concert Hall.

This was an interesting show for me because I’d seen the original Broadway cast, in which Jessie Mueller’s rendition of “She Used To Be Mine” was maybe the single most powerful performance of a song I’d ever seen. The tour was good, but the original cast was, not surprisingly, better.

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