June/July 2018 Work

Another busy month has gone by without posting links to my latest work, so here’s a general catch-up on what’s new!

“The Afterparty” at the VORTEX.

First, from several months ago, I completely forgot to note that I wrote a guest post (Lighten the loading time: how to speed up your business’ slow website) for Software Advice’s sister company, GetApp, which is especially important given that I’ll soon be producing content and copy for our other sister company, Capterra.

And now the round-up of reviews for the Austin American-Statesman and Austin360!

“Heisenberg” at Zach Theatre.

What is love? ‘The Afterparty’ looks at how art and science influence our deepest questions

Have some cheesy good fun with ‘The Book of Liz’

In a play about uncertainty, one thing is certain: These actors are fantastic

Hyde Park Theater does compelling job with a frustrating text

That’s all for now, but more reviews as well as my first Capterra pieces coming soon!

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Late May Publications

I’ve gone and done it again; I let a few weeks go by without posting each piece as it’s gone up, and now I’ve got a backlog!

To quickly catch up, let’s begin with a preview/interview I wrote for the Austin American Statesman about the Broadway tour of An American in Paris:

For this musical, the feet are as important as the beat

Next, a post for Time Out Austin that is sadly my last, at least for a while, since Time Out has decided to discontinue its Austin content:

The Heartland Theatre Collective tells powerful stories about Texas women

And, last but certainly not least, more theater reviews for the Austin American-Statesman:

A play with few words makes you feel as if you’re part of this spiritual retreat

A classic opera, telenovelas, border politics and drag shows all offer inspiration for this play

Theater company gives look ‘Back/Stage’ at life with special needs

With science fiction and sexy one-liners, this puppet show is not for kids

Broadway in Austin’s ‘An American in Paris’ is a spectacular production of a dated story

Little-known musical ‘Lucky Stiff’ comes alive with comedic bits

That’s all for now, but more reviews to come soon!

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New Sightlines Column: Love and Sex in the Time of Incels

Well, it had to happen sooner or later. I wrote 2,000 words about sex robots:

Love and Sex in the Time of Incels

(And other things, too, of course.)

(But also: sex robots.)

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Just A Few Updates

I may have fallen behind again, but only by a few posts this time!

First, my latest Time Out Austin blog posts:

Theatre en Bloc’s ‘Cry It Out’ puts female friendships front and center

How one Austin theater company is reworking a classic opera for modern times

And then, a couple of theater reviews for the Austin American-Statesman:

‘Seminar’ is a vicious satire with no easy answers but plenty of laughs

I should have a few new pieces coming out later this week, as well!

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Shakespeare meets sitcom: ‘Merry Wives of Windsor’ brings laughs to Zilker Park

I have another new review up for the Austin American-Statesman, this one about Austin Shakespeare’s annual “Shakespeare in the park” production of The Merry Wives of Windsor at Zilker Park!

Shakespeare meets sitcom: ‘Merry Wives of Windsor’ brings laughs to Zilker Park (and it’s free)

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‘Cry It Out’ looks at motherhood, friendship and what it means to have it all

My latest review is up, covering a strong new offering from Theatre en Bloc and one of my favorite local directors, Lily Wolff!

‘Cry It Out’ looks at motherhood, friendship and what it means to have it all

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New Review, New Podcast!

Here’s my latest review, of the world premiere of Sheila Cowley’s new play TRIO courtesy of Austin’s Filigree Theatre!

The real and surreal blend as ‘Trio’ makes its world premiere in Austin

I forgot to post this last week, but I returned to the fabulous Beauty and the Bitch podcast to talk about the MCU in advance of Avengers: Infinity War.

You can download the episode here!

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Big Piece, Small Piece

I’ve had a couple pieces come out the past few weeks, one of which is a big profile for the Austin American-Statesman of the new Austin theater company The Filigree Theatre, which is just now at the end of its inaugural season. Check it out here:

Planning, artistic vision guide Filigree Theatre through first season

And then I also had a Time Out Austin blog post go up about some outdoor theater productions coming this summer:

These three upcoming theater productions take place under the stars

I’m in the midst of working on a very exciting, serious piece mixing arts coverage and actual journalism, and I’ll be sure to post that as soon as it’s out.

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Mid-April Updates

I’ve only gone a couple weeks without updating this time, but there’s been a few juicy releases since then!

First and foremost, I have the following piece for the online Sightlines journal, which is probably the most personal (non-fiction) thing I’ve ever written. Dare I say it, I’m actually proud of this piece of writing and happy with how it turned out (which is a rare occurrence for me).

If you’re just going to read one thing I’ve written, this one is it!

Memories like a Bomb, like a Bullet: Why the Nostalgia Industry Is Here to Stay

Next up, I’ve had a few new Time Out Austin blog posts go up, including one that takes a pretty serious look at a new production of a play about the Holocaust and immigration, and its all-too-topical contemporary relevance.

A new Trinity Street Players production links echoes of the past to present issues

Four new theater productions to check out this spring

Rude Mechs embarks on its final performances of the season. Or does it?

And, finally, I’ve had a few new reviews for the Austin America-Statesman/Austin360 (one of which, for Kindertransport, even has a negative comment; a true badge of honor!):

‘I and You’ puts a thoughtful and poetic spin on life as a teen

Free play an emotional and timely look at the immigrant experience

‘Grounded,’ a one-woman show about a military pilot, soars

Texas State’s ‘Ragtime’ shows why musical is so timely today

I should have a few larger pieces going up in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

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Busy Week

Last week was a busy one, full of reviews and other odds and ends going live. Here’s the run-down.

First, and most interesting, was a unique article about a unique piece of art, the VORTEX Theatre’s immersive Performance Park experience. Here’s a link to my combined feature/review for the Austin American-Statesman:

Immersive, interactive ‘Performance Park’ is unlike anything else in Austin theater

Next, I had three traditional reviews for the Statesman/Austin360 also go up:

Conspiracy and paranoia take center stage in 9/11-themed ‘Yankee Tavern’

Strong all-female cast delivers timely and clever satire about gun control debate

If you loved ‘Shakespeare in Love,’ the movie, you’ll probably like ‘Shakespeare in Love’ on stage

More to come soon, including a return to blogging for Time Out Austin!

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