‘My Big Fat Bahookie’ brings body positivity to the Vortex

I’ve got a new review out today, for the body-positive show My Big Fat Bahookie at the Vortex Theatre. Check it out!

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A Very Musical Update

Here’s some musical reviews I wrote this past month for the Austin American-Statesman.

First up is a sadly timely (and chillingly disturbing) production of Cabaret at St. Ed’s University.

Next, a solid production of Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar and Grill (the almost one-woman show about Billie Holliday) at Zach Theatre.

And finally, the Broadway tour of Phantom of the Opera, which is, y’know, still Phantom of the Opera.

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My First Book, RETCON GAME, Now Available

I’m very excited to announce that my first book, Retcon Games: Retroactive Continuity and the Hyperlinking of America, is now available from the University Press of Mississippi.

In addition to buying it directly from the press by the above link, you can find it online at the usual places, including Amazon, so please order yourself a copy (or bug/beg your library to do so)!

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Race, politics and friendship take center stage in ‘Underground’

Here’s my recent review of Underground at the Vortex, a powerful new play about the issues of race and radicalism in contemporary America.

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‘A Girl Named Sue’ explores important, little-discussed racial issues

Look, kids; more updates! This is my review of A Girl Named Sue, a new play premiering here in Austin that raises some interesting racial issues that aren’t often discussed.

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Hyde Park Theatre’s ‘John’ shows love’s macabre side

Hey, look, a one-review update! I really am paying attention to this page again! So check out my review of John at Hyde Park Theatre, an atmospheric, funny, strange Annie Baker play.

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How Did It Get To Be February!?!?

It’s been over two months since I updated this blog, but I have a really good excuse, I swear—I got married!

Now that the craziness of wedding planning/wedding clean-up is abating, I’m going to try to get back to updating this on a regular basis (especially since the theater reviews require a certain amount of timeliness).

This post will just be a lot of catch-up (just like most of the recent ones have been), since I’ve gone so long without putting anything up. We’ll start with the theater reviews.

First up, there were two pretty unique pieces I put together in the past couple months. The first is a best-of for 2016, oh-so-creatively titled Best of live theater in Austin: A critic’s 2016 favorites.

The second is an interview with John Tiffany, who directed Harry Potter and the Cursed Child along with the show I was previewing in the piece, a stage adaptation of the Swedish novel/film Let the Right One In. This one has a slightly better title: National Theatre of Scotland brings blood-soaked love story to Austin.

Now, on to the reviews themselves, beginning with Let the Right One In!



The Great Society

Cecil Washington Jr., left, and Steve Vinovich portray Martin Luther King Jr. and President Lyndon B. Johnson in “The Great Society” at Zach Theatre. Contributed by Kirk Tuck

The World According to Snoopy

Old Times

Death of a Salesman

I won’t list all my Software Advice pieces here, but I do have a nice new bio up that you can check out!

And last but not least, we’re only a few weeks away from my book being released! Check out its listing on Amazon as well as on the University Press of Mississippi site!

I think that’s all for now, and I’ll (hopefully) be seeing you more regularly from here on out!

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Pre-Order My Book on Amazon!

You can pre-order my book from Amazon!

I got a bit of a tingle writing that just now. It’s true! I’m finally going to fulfill my childhood authorhood dreams (albeit in a far more academic manner than I had originally anticipated) and have a book published.

Retcon Games: Retroactive Continuity and the Hyperlinking of America is a massive reworking of parts of my dissertation into a more focused argument about the history and social impact of the trope/technique of retroactive continuity in our popular media.

You can pre-order it from Amazon here.

I’ll say a lot more about this in the future (I have a lot of updated thoughts on my own thesis, post-election), but I figure I’ll wait for full post until there’s an official page for it on the University Press of Mississippi’s site.

But did I mention that you can already pre-order it from Amazon?

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November Come and Gone

My post-election break from Facebook has certainly made me quite lazy about updating this blog, so here’s a no-frills update with all my most recent articles/posts!

First up, reviews of two comedies, one a classic and the other not so much (though a fun production):

Present Laughter

Baskerville, A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

And, as has become usual the past half year, here’s a brief listing of my most interesting recent articles for Software Advice:

*The 12 Rules of Christmas Marketing (this is a legitimately fun one with GIFs, Christmas movie references, and even a rhyme scheme!)

*4 Considerations When Hiring A Marketer

*Use a Sales Database to Keep Customers and Salespeople Happy

*The Benefits of Mobile SFA Access for Your Sales Team

*The Perils and Possibilities of Sales Goals

And finally a guest post I did for marketing website Inbound.org:

*Leveraging Tech Trends: When Should You Invest in New Technology to Win at Marketing?

Stay tuned for a couple of fun year-end things—an infographic I helped put together for Software Advice, and a big Top 10 list of my favorite shows of the year for the Statesman!

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When October Goes

This blog may change a bit in the near future. In the aftermath of the recent election, I’m tired of the short-form, knee-jerk, soundbite atmosphere of social media, and—if I’m to engage in conversation online—would much more prefer to do so in a curated environment where people let their thoughts breathe a bit more. A blog may be just the place for that. We’ll see.

For now, though, I want to update with my most recent theater reviews and day job articles. First, the reviews. There’s a bunch, so I’ll just provide names, photos, and links, rather than brief descriptions. If you want those descriptions, just check the links!

Nevermore, the Imaginary Life and Mysterious Death of Edgar Allen Poe


Houdini Speaks to the Living


With Great Difficulty Alice Sits


The Illusionists: Live from Broadway


Lost Girl


For those interested, here’s some of my recent pieces for Software Advice, as well:

Your Real Estate Social Media Marketing Checklist

5 Ways to Optimize Your Sales Team’s SFA Training

Top Intacct Competitors: The Best Alternatives for Your Business

CRM Software Small Business Buyer Report – 2016

Finally, here’s an interview I did that optimistically touts me as a sales expert. You may now refer to me as “Sales Expert Andrew Friedenthal,” thanks:

Sales Expert Interview Series: Andrew Friedenthal of Software Advice

And that’s all for now! More to come soon, of various stripes.

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