September Reviews/Articles!

I’ve had a couple new reviews and several new pieces for Software Advice the past few weeks that I’ve neglected to get up here, so consider this a mega-update!

First up, my review of The Totalitarians, a political satire with more than a little resonance for this year’s presidential election.


Next, my review of Agent Andromeda: The Orion Crusade, an erotic aerialist musical (certainly not a descriptor I thought I’d ever be typing)!


And finally, I’ve been busy creating material at my day job. Check out these articles:

*How to Overcome Resistance and Sell Your Team on Sales Force Automation Benefits

*How to Maintain Brand Consistency With Software

*Tips for Creating Better Buyer Personas

(The last one is especially fun for the fake buyer persona I created . . . I swear I’m not actually that cat-obsessed.)


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Puppets meet mythology in “Atlantis: A Puppet Opera”

Here’s my review of Atlantis: A Puppet Opera at the VORTEX Theater, a unique visual/aural feast of puppetry!


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Two Dark Comedies

Here’s my reviews for two black comedies playing in Austin right now.

The first is Silence! The Musical, a goofy, wacky parody of Silence of the Lambs . . . with songs. It’s exactly as odd as it sounds (in a good way)!

Doctuh Mistah Productions is reprising its popular show "Slience! The Musical," a spoof on "The Silence of the Lambs" at Austin Playhouse, Aug. 18th through Sept. 4, 2016

Doctuh Mistah Productions is reprising its popular show “Slience! The Musical,” a spoof on “The Silence of the Lambs” at Austin Playhouse, Aug. 18th through Sept. 4, 2016

The second is Hand to God, a play about a teenage boy whose Christian ministry hand puppet turns evil. It’s filled with sex, violence, and a huge amount of laughs; definitely worth seeing.


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‘W.’ serves as vehicle for amazing one-man performance

Check out my review of W., a one-man adaptation of the classic Woyzeck.


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New Job, New Articles!

I’ve recently started a new job as a Market Research Associate at Software Advice, where I cover the customer relationship management (CRM) market. Though most of the things I’m writing about are a lot more niche than my theater reviews, and a lot more tech-driven than my academic work, and bears no relation to my creative writing, I figure I’ll post them here in the interests of maintaining a full portfolio!

The first piece I wrote was a buyer report on sales force automation software for small businesses (this one’s very niche), and the second (a bit more accessible) is about how marketers can use Pokémon Go and augmented reality (AR) to increase their sales. The AR stuff is especially cool!


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Capital T celebrates 10 years of edgy theater in Austin

Check out my profile of Capital T Theatre, an edgy production company here in Austin known for cerebral dark comedies.


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Five (Count ‘Em – Five!) New Reviews

I’ve been a bit busy with a new full-time day job, so I’ve been remiss on posting my reviews.  Time to correct that, all at once, with a bevy of family/children’s shows that I’ve been reviewing as part of my attempt to learn more about what makes that kind of performance tick (one of the many baby steps in my path to becoming an Imagineer, don’tcha know!).

First up, here’s my review of What’s The Story, Steve?, a family-friendly improv show at Coldtowne Theater starring a poodle.  No, seriously!

Photo by Jon Bolden

Photo by Jon Bolden

Another family-friendly improv show can be found at the Hideout Theatre, with their weekly Flying Theatre Machine (which, unlike What’s The Story, Steve?, is long-form improv, telling one sustained story in each show).


Next up is a fun new musical, The Steadfast Tin Soldier, created by Summer Stock Austin.


In fact, Summer Stock Austin has two shows running right now.  The second, The Addams Family, is a bit less all-ages (think PG-13, or hard PG), and somewhat frivolous, but it has its fun moments and fine performances.


Finally, the best all-ages show in Austin right now (if the priciest), is ZACH’s Mary Poppins, a fun, silly, sentimental show with some drop-dead phenomenal performances.


Happy theatre-going!

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Fury Road meets Shakespeare in Shrewd Productions’ ‘Hold Me Well’

Click here for my review of Hold Me Well, the world premiere of a new play that mixes post-apocalyptic science fiction with Othello.


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Hyde Park Theatre’s “The Flick” is a top pick

My review of The Flick at Hyde Park Theater, a really solid, intimate production of a stand-out play.


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My Interview With Alan Cumming

Here’s a very fun piece I wrote for the Austin American-Statesman after getting the chance to interview Alan Cumming for his upcoming show, Alan Cumming Sings Sappy Songs.


Pro-Tip: When googling “Alan Cumming”, make sure you put his name in quotes.  Trust me on this.

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