Some Holiday-Season Updates

Life continues to come at me pretty fast these days, but I’ve been continuing to write reviews and articles, even if I haven’t been updating them here. So it’s time for another round-up!


I wrote another piece for Jeanne Claire van Ryzin’s fabulous online magazine, Sightlines. This one combines my comics studies background with my current political obsessions and a lot of soul-searching, which I’m really proud of. Please check it out!

Wonder Women and Malignant Men

Time Out Austin

Here’s a bevy of weekly blog posts for Time Out Austin blog:

A nationwide premiere is coming to Austin’s tiniest stage tomorrow

Broadway in Austin returns with a series of larger-than-life musicals

How a discount furniture store became Austin’s latest performance space

Austin’s top actresses shine in three upcoming plays

Ballet Austin’s principal dancer is ending his career with a bang—and a bow (this last one’s actually a full feature, not just a blog post!)

Austin American-Statesman Reviews

And last but not least, some good old fashioned theater reviews:

In the mood for a rom-com? ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ still charms

Jane Austen meets charming Christmas comedy in latest from Austin Playhouse (according to the comments, this one has the most boring sentence one reader has ever read in his life, so be on the lookout for it!)

‘A Miracle on 34th Street Classic Radiocast’ is charming, if old-fashioned, Christmas treat

In Street Corner Arts’ latest play, when you’re here, you’re family

Catch you all next time with (let’s be honest) probably another scrambling catch-up post!

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