More September Reviews!

Here’s another catch-up post of the remainder of my September reviews!

First up is Lungs, an amazing two-hander at Hyde Park Theater that’s one of the strongest, most intimate productions I’ve ever seen in Austin.


Next is Silent Sky, Austin Playhouse’s production of a play that tells the story of the woman whose findings revolutionized modern astronomy (no guesses as to why she isn’t more famous in the history books).


Then there’s the national tour of Broadway’s Newsies, a fun, lively, and oddly timely story about unionizing.


Finally comes The Resistable Rise of Arturo Ui, a classic Brecht play performed at St. Edward’s University, with a strong production that’s only weakened by a missed opportunity to comment more directly on contemporary politics.


I’ll be seeing three shows in three nights later this week, so expect another catch-up post soon!

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