September Reviews/Articles!

I’ve had a couple new reviews and several new pieces for Software Advice the past few weeks that I’ve neglected to get up here, so consider this a mega-update!

First up, my review of The Totalitarians, a political satire with more than a little resonance for this year’s presidential election.


Next, my review of Agent Andromeda: The Orion Crusade, an erotic aerialist musical (certainly not a descriptor I thought I’d ever be typing)!


And finally, I’ve been busy creating material at my day job. Check out these articles:

*How to Overcome Resistance and Sell Your Team on Sales Force Automation Benefits

*How to Maintain Brand Consistency With Software

*Tips for Creating Better Buyer Personas

(The last one is especially fun for the fake buyer persona I created . . . I swear I’m not actually that cat-obsessed.)


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