Two Very Different Reviews

Here’s two reviews from this past week, and a study in contrasts. One is for a small-scale children’s show that turns out to be interesting and engaging for adults, while the other is for an ostensibly family-friendly blockbuster musical that was lackluster, at best.

New ‘Rap Unzel’ is a show with music, dance and depth for kids and adults

Slow ‘Anastasia’ is neither fairy tale nor accurate history

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‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch’ at Zach: energy for miles and a political swerve

Here’s a potentially divisive review of the new production of Hedwing and The Angry Inch at ZACH Theatre, which nonetheless features some pretty staggering performances.

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‘Waitress’ serves up a slice of charm with a side of troubling gender politics

My latest review is up–the national tour of Waitress at Bass Concert Hall.

This was an interesting show for me because I’d seen the original Broadway cast, in which Jessie Mueller’s rendition of “She Used To Be Mine” was maybe the single most powerful performance of a song I’d ever seen. The tour was good, but the original cast was, not surprisingly, better.

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In new ‘Heartland,’ love, death and grief cross borders

A new review of a fantastic new play, Gabriel Jason Dean’s Heartland at the VORTEX.

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Southern satire of Austin Playhouse’s ‘Paradise’ is sharp with an unnecessary twist

Here’s a new review, of the new musical Paradise at Austin Playhouse!

Southern satire of Austin Playhouse’s ‘Paradise’ is sharp with an unnecessary twist

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My Top 10 in Austin Theater of 2018

This came out at the end of the year, but I was too busy being as lazy as possible towards the end of December to actually get it posted here. So, better late than never, here’s my top ten list of local theater in Austin from 2018 (an annual list I write for the Austin American Statesman that’s my favorite thing to write each year)!

Statesman theater critic shares his favorite shows from 2018

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Big Changes, Big List of Reviews

It’s been quite awhile since the last update, but I swear I have a reasonable excuse this time!

During the four months since I last posted, I started a new job (as a contracted copywriter) and wrote a book (another academic tome which I’ll post more about as publication nears, many moons from now), so I’ve been busy!

In fact, I’ve got to finish up the first draft of the book, so I’m still in the realm of way-too-busy, but I didn’t want to let this lack of updates get so out of hand I’d never get to them all. Since I have been so snowed under with the one-two punch of the new day job and working on the book, I’ve only had time to write reviews (and a preview piece or two) for the Austin American-Statesman in the past few months, so without further ado here’s a list of them:

Jarrott Productions’ Significant Other

‘There and Back’ looks at history of immigration through one woman’s life

Play about professor with cancer is a moving look at death and how we live

TexArts tries to take some of the nastiness out of ‘Trailer Park Musical’

‘The Goat’ makes audiences take hard look at what we consider taboo

City Theatre brings rock opera ‘The Who’s Tommy’ to life

Austin playwright examines those left in wake of racial violence

‘Significant Other’ prompts a significant emotional reaction

‘Confessions of a Mexpatriate’ is a travelogue both external and internal

Zach Theatre’s ‘Once’ is an ode to the beauty of music

The Filigree Theatre’s ‘Miss Julie’ is a timely reminder of a history of sacrificing women

Shark tale ‘Matawan’ shows beauty and fury of nature

‘Side Show’ might feel familiar, but it’s still a lot of fun

‘Macbeth,’ staged completely in the dark, opens Halloween

‘The Play That Goes Wrong’ is pure escapist hilarity

Agatha Christie comes to Austin in elegant, classic murder mystery

One-woman show looks at race, violence in wake of Ferguson

Play about consent hopes to spark conversations on UT campus

‘An Evening of Short Plays’ also an evening with two master actors

Texas State’s ‘Cabaret’ is a dark production for a dark time

‘Doubt’ is a compelling drama with astonishing performances

UT’s ‘Merchant of Venice’ is Shakespeare for today’s world

Austin Shakespeare’s ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’ is sexy, sultry take on a classic

No ‘Mystery’: Austin Playhouse’s ‘Edwin Drood’ is goofy, campy fun

Permanent Record’s ‘White’ is a satire of art and identity


Back soon with more updates (it probably won’t be another four months, but, y’know, let’s be honest…).

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New Podcast Appearance!

This is just a quick update to note that I was excited to recently be a guest on the wonderful Tech Blog Writer Podcast, hosted by the smart, charming, and insightful Neil C. Hughes (who’s also a bit of a magical engineer, because I can listen to my voice here without hating it)!

Take a listen to my episode here:


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New Culture Article, Reviews, & More!

It’s refreshing to post an update after only a few weeks, because there’s only some select, exciting new pieces to post.

First, here’s my latest work of cultural critique for the fabulous Sightlines journal. This one focuses on the ability of stories to sustain us and keep us strong, in the context of this year’s blockbuster summer movies:

Popcorn Strength: Turning To 2018’s Summer Blockbusters For The Strength To Get Through 2018

Next, I’ve started writing content as a part of my day job for Software Advice‘s sister site in the Gartner Digital Markets, Capterra. Here’s the first piece I wrote for their blog:

A Customer Data Platform Guide for Small Business Marketers

And last but certainly not least, a pair of reviews of some fun musicals playing in Austin this summer:

‘Grease’ is the word if you want a nostalgia-filled romp

Zach Theatre brings an animated favorite to life in a big way

That’s all for now; more updates soon!

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June/July 2018 Work

Another busy month has gone by without posting links to my latest work, so here’s a general catch-up on what’s new!

“The Afterparty” at the VORTEX.

First, from several months ago, I completely forgot to note that I wrote a guest post (Lighten the loading time: how to speed up your business’ slow website) for Software Advice’s sister company, GetApp, which is especially important given that I’ll soon be producing content and copy for our other sister company, Capterra.

And now the round-up of reviews for the Austin American-Statesman and Austin360!

“Heisenberg” at Zach Theatre.

What is love? ‘The Afterparty’ looks at how art and science influence our deepest questions

Have some cheesy good fun with ‘The Book of Liz’

In a play about uncertainty, one thing is certain: These actors are fantastic

Hyde Park Theater does compelling job with a frustrating text

That’s all for now, but more reviews as well as my first Capterra pieces coming soon!

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