New Culture Article, Reviews, & More!

It’s refreshing to post an update after only a few weeks, because there’s only some select, exciting new pieces to post.

First, here’s my latest work of cultural critique for the fabulous Sightlines journal. This one focuses on the ability of stories to sustain us and keep us strong, in the context of this year’s blockbuster summer movies:

Popcorn Strength: Turning To 2018’s Summer Blockbusters For The Strength To Get Through 2018

Next, I’ve started writing content as a part of my day job for Software Advice‘s sister site in the Gartner Digital Markets, Capterra. Here’s the first piece I wrote for their blog:

A Customer Data Platform Guide for Small Business Marketers

And last but certainly not least, a pair of reviews of some fun musicals playing in Austin this summer:

‘Grease’ is the word if you want a nostalgia-filled romp

Zach Theatre brings an animated favorite to life in a big way

That’s all for now; more updates soon!

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