June/July 2018 Work

Another busy month has gone by without posting links to my latest work, so here’s a general catch-up on what’s new!

“The Afterparty” at the VORTEX.

First, from several months ago, I completely forgot to note that I wrote a guest post (Lighten the loading time: how to speed up your business’ slow website) for Software Advice’s sister company, GetApp, which is especially important given that I’ll soon be producing content and copy for our other sister company, Capterra.

And now the round-up of reviews for the Austin American-Statesman and Austin360!

“Heisenberg” at Zach Theatre.

What is love? ‘The Afterparty’ looks at how art and science influence our deepest questions

Have some cheesy good fun with ‘The Book of Liz’

In a play about uncertainty, one thing is certain: These actors are fantastic

Hyde Park Theater does compelling job with a frustrating text

That’s all for now, but more reviews as well as my first Capterra pieces coming soon!

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